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Learn precautions that can be taken to help decrease your chance of a stroke including vitamins, exercise, regular physician visits, and more. 
Being proactive is the best way to be safe. 


Learn what to do when you or a loved one has a stroke, including what to do, what to expect, and long term treatment options. 
Early action leads to better success.


Diagnosis, especially early diagnosis is critical for those who've had a stroke. We work hard to ensure a right diagnosis and begin treatment regiments that can, and will lead to a better long term outcome. 


Treatment should be done by specialists, and carefully. We remain up to date with the latest and most important medical procedures, and medicines such as Medical Marijuana to ensure our patients have only the best.  
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Are you suffering from unexplained incidents of pain? Are you feeling droopy or not able to focus properly? You needn’t worry anymore! Our expert neurologists in Brooklyn NY can provide an effective treatment plan to you and relieve you of almost all the painful symptoms.

The neurological pain symptoms start at a slow pace and then it turns very serious within no time. So be sure to keep examining yourself for any unusual signs in your face, arms or speech. If you notice any small changes it is always better to contact a specialist instead of ignoring it.

Our team consists of some of the highly experience neurologists and the best medical marijuana doctors in NYC. They collaboratively work towards providing the best action plan for treating all kinds of neurological problems. Our team of expert neurologists includes,

Dr. Krishna Neurologist
Dr. Ranga Chelva Krishna

You can be sure of being relieved from your pain once you approach us at our clinic. We use the latest techniques and devise the perfect treatment plan which is individual specific. If you still find yourself wondering about our service, contact us any time and we would be more than glad to walk you through our treatment plans.
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Dr. Anthonette Sparman

Dr. Anthonette Sparman is a double board-certified Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist who  received her Medical Degree from New York Medical College, Dr. Sparman went on to complete a challenging Neurology Residency at SUNY Downstate and then a Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship with a focus in Epilepsy at NYU Langon Medical Center.

Dr. Ranga Chelva Krishna

Ranga C. Krishna, M.D. is a Board Certified Neurologist with 20 years of experience. His experience and expertise blend perfectly with modern advancements in medicine for an unrivaled level of neurological care. Dr. Krishna is Member of American Associations of Electro-Diagnostic Medicine, Diplomate of American Academy of Pain Management, and Diplomate of American Board of Independent Medical Examiners. 
My father had a stroke and we didn't know what to do. Dr. Krishna and Dr. Sparman immediately went to work, and explained what we should be expecting,  and what to do to help. They are fantastic doctors and I am eternally grateful for them. 

Troy B.